Blessings Come to Me Sigil Necklace

Blessings Come to Me Sigil Necklace

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The "Blessings Come to Me" necklace features a charged sigil on the face of a solid bronze plaque on a 14k gold-filled chain with hand-formed oval links. It's designed to keep one from blocking any blessings coming their way.

Blessings can manifest in many ways, and the power of this talisman lies in its ability to erase fears and doubts that get in the way of recognizing them. Whether it be financial or material abundance, friendships and relationships, or health, by connecting with this item, you'll be able to see blessings when they're there and attract more of them. This piece is also a helpful tool for manifestation; when you understand that blessings are everywhere and connect with them often, your mind will be prepared for when things go your way.

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Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 44 x 16mm

Chain: 22" 

Available in 14K Gold by request.