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Access your Etheric energy center with Selenite

If you're new to gemstones and minerals selenite is a quite an easy one to identify. It ranges from semi-milky to translucent and tends to be found in a striated formation. Being a form of gypsum it's an incredible soft mineral, scoring a 2 on the Moh's hardness scale. If the specimen you have on hand cannot be scratched with your fingernail then more than likely it isn't selenite. Selenite can be found in a variety of locations from Australia, Greece and within the US. However the best quality minerals come from Mexico.

Now that we've covered what selenite is and how to identify it, I can share some of the ways to work with this colorless mineral. When I was a baby mystic one of the very first things I learned about Selenite was it's ability to cleanse other gemstones and our auric fields. For this reason I am never without Selenite, it can be found on my altars, next to my bed even in my car. In addition to its ability to cleanse other gemstones, its excellent for those who are looking to reach their angelic guides. By clearing our congested energy it amplifies our ability to receive messages from spirit and activates our upper energy centers - even beyond the most commonly known 7 energetic fields.

Selenite Scrying Mirror Amulet

It works exceptionally well as a meditation aid and because of this I designed a necklace to be used during mediation. The scrying mirror pendant was designed to be place on your forehead to provide immediate relief, place the open back pendant on your body during meditation to engage its cleansing properties. 

Selenite and Nuummite Amulet

Selenite also heightens the properties of other minerals and gemstones making it the perfect mineral to construct the base of a crystal wand. I utilized this aspect by creating the Duality pendant which features a large Selenite Oval mineral and a large teardrop Nuummite gemstone. It harnesses the power and cleansing connected to Selenite and the power and inner strength from Nuummite. Embodying the phrase "as above so below" this pendant amulet is a reminder to not neglect or reject your shadow aspect. In a later blog I'll dig into why working with our shadow is deserving of attention and focus but for now it's important to remember that periods of shadow (or rest) are integral to growth. 

What way are you most interested in using Selenite now that you've learned the many things it can assist with?

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