Tarot & Spirit Informed Custom Jewelry

My maker journey grew from a need to keep minerals and gemstones with me at all times. The presence of different gems and minerals over the years have helped me work through various blocks in thinking and action.

As a practicing chaos witch and healer I am interested in helping others work through periods of stagnancy or in times when an energetic push is needed.

For those interested in the creation of a personal spiritually divined keepsake, the process begins with a questionnaire on the aspects in your life you’d like to address. Through the divination practices of tarot and candle magic I’ll channel messages from spirit to inform the jewelry design. These messages along with my knowledge of gems and minerals and the information you provide will heal create a holistic keepsake. Below are some examples of sample pieces created throughout the years. 

Asymmetrical Sterling Silver Earrings with a sigil on the right and lapiz lazuli bezel set on the left  Fluorite Hoop Style earrings  Opal Engagement RingCitrine Ring