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Collective Pull 12/5 - 12/11/21 : Gemstone Suggestions

This week we're asked to have confidence, in ourselves, and in the universe. We should also continue to stay open to opportunities that come our way. I'm paraphrasing but ultimately that was the message. 

After the collective pull utilizing the Four Folds Oracle deck I drew one card from my Sun and Moon tarot deck, this part did not make the Instagram reel but it did inform my gemstone recommendations for the week. 

I pulled the Ace of Swords, a card I link closely to mental mastery, to winning the battle against our intrusive thoughts and moving from a place with clarity. I saw this card a further indicator to make choices and accept opportunities with confidence and clarity. However, I'm also in the midst of reading Jessica Dore's Tarot for Change so I skipped ahead to see what musings she had to offer about the ace of swords. There was one simple question that has been guiding my week since reading it;

"Will the choice I'm about to make bring me closer to or further away from what I'm after?"

So yes we should be confident and stay open but asking this question will cut straight to the heart to provide us with the clarity so often needed to feel confident in our decisions.

Gemstone Recommendations 

I'm inviting everyone to activate their sacral energy center, their sexual and creative force with gemstones like Carnelian and Aragonite (star clusters). Aragonite is useful for its balancing and confidence inducing qualities. It can remove energetic blocks when used on specific energy centers. 

Carnelian will give us the confidence needed to make things happen. It's great to lean on when we're ready to take action and move beyond the dreaming stage. It's a stone of force and embodiment, which we can use to feel connected to our waking life. 

Seek out these stones and see how they make you feel this week, I'm also available for custom projects utilizing gemstones that can help benefit your life. 

Learn more about this special custom process here. 

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