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Collective Oracle Pull: 11/21 - 11/29/21

It's a new week and we're being asked told to prepare for a roller coaster. It'll be the best ride though, one that reminds us everything is cyclical.

Pay attention to those you associate with, are they supportive or do they keep you stuck in the muck of life? You'll want to surround yourself with those that understand we all have something of importance to offer one another. We all aid in each others healing journey even if it's not in the capital H way and at some point we all will need assistance. As you build up those around you don't forget about yourself. Take the time check in with yourself, clear those feelings, habits or behaviors that keep you from feeling ease. Talk sweetly to yourselves as you would do for the group of folks you love and care for. 

When you're feeling cozy and content remind yourself that growth doesn't happen by remaining stagnant. We all can and will fall down at some point. There's this Yasin Bey quote that came to mind when I was looking at the descend card.

And if you land on your feet / Do it count as a fall or a jump?/ And do it feel like a fall when the hands that pushed you were holding you up?

Be willing to trust yourself and those close to you when leap without looking for growths sake. It may not be comfortable or what you planned on but what better time is there to practice our new skills when things descend in a way that feels terrifying.

Crystals to Assist:

To help you through this week and through this rollercoaster of states, I suggest carrying or wearing a piece of amethyst for its assistance with clarity, divine connection and energetic clearing. Pair amethyst with either green aventurine so when you make that leap you're confident that despite the outcome you'll learn and grown. For the most intense oomph push those frequencies to the nth degree by adding a piece of clear quartz to this group. 

Let me know in the comments how you're feeling this week. 

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