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Collective Reading: February

8 tarot cards from the sun and moon tarot deck overlapping each other on top of a woven black and cream cloth
Aquarius season is here and we'd do well not to spend too much time alone in our heads. What actions can we take (The Magician) that will bring relief to the worries (Ten of Swords) we're ruminating on (Nine of Swords)? The empress makes an appearance in this reading suggesting that something we've been working on is about to come to fruition but we want to be in the best possible headspace to enjoy it. Keeping our concerns and worries to ourselves doesn't make them disappear. The positioning of the Ace of Cups below the nine of swords suggests giving ourselves some grace while we sit with what's causing us to see negativity that isn't there. 
I pulled some clarifying cards for further information and the answer to getting out of the feedback loop in our head is to accept the assistance of our community. The Five of Pentacles reminds us that despite how it may feel we have help and assistance right beside us, we don't have to do this alone. The Princess of Wands moves us to take action whether that's reaching out to someone, or doing the things our mind is telling us will fail miserably. Rejoicing with our friends and loved ones (Three of Cups) can lead us to breaking through (King of Swords) this feedback loop. Don't let our minds deviate us from the path we're on because despite what our minds are telling us, things are going well. 

Gemstone Recommendations

I'd suggest working with Eisen Quartz - which is quartz evenly colored by iron oxides and hematite inclusions. Typically this gemstone is colored red, orange, brown. It helps get you out of your own way and is helpful to take the risks needed to achieve your goals. For those looking to connect with all life forms around I'd suggest Diopside, Peridot and Serpentine. The animals present in the Magician and the Empress cards suggest that communicating with all beings can provide insight. If discernment is a reason you're nervous to trust yourself or others I'd suggest Tiger's Eye which can help make provide clarity and movement. 

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