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Collective Tarot: June 2023

What is your relationship to intimacy and change like? As we approach this month's full moon, which ideas and beliefs surrounding intimacy and relationships need to be acknowledged and potentially adjusted?

The first card drawn from the deck this month was the Two of Cups, my favorite card for romance and intimacy. However, it is quickly followed by the Two of Swords and the Hanged Man, suggesting avoidance and the need to examine our beliefs about relationships. Perhaps we are being inundated with other people's thoughts, making it difficult to hear ourselves think (Two of Swords). The solution is not avoidance but to look at our approach to relationships. By doing so, we can experience breakthroughs and the ability to move forward (Ace of Wands + Prince of Wands).

I was curious if there was anything the cards needed to communicate to us this month, and four additional cards appeared. Ultimately, everything aligns itself in our best interest (The Universe) if we take the time for introspection (The Moon) and accept that endings are a part of life (Four of Wands).

Gemstone Recommendations

For assistance with change, clarity, and intimacy, I suggest working with Blue Celestine, Selenite, and Red Agate this month. Both Selenite and Blue Celestine will assist us as we spend time listening to our intuition and guides. Red Agate will help us implement the changes that we realize are necessary to move forward.


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