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How To: Determine your Ring Size

Not knowing your ring size may cause you to miss out on that special one-of-a-kind ring or keep you from grabbing a gift you know a friend will love. No need to worry if you're unsure of your ring size, it's not hard to figure out. I'm going to go through three different ways to find your ring size from least to most involved.

Use a Ring Sizer

To keep things really simple you can purchase a ring sizer from our shop to determine your size prior to purchase. Just slide the plastic ring on your finger - it measures up to a size 17 - and adjust the slider until it fits. In the event, you're purchasing a made-to-order ring we'll send a ring sizer to you for FREE.

Printable Ring Chart

This option is for those who have a collection of rings but cannot remember the size of any of them. Just print this sheet (do not scale) and place your ring on top of the various sizes on the printout until you find your ring size.

4 rows of circles with an illustrated gemstone on top to measure ring sizes 

The String Method

Three illustrations of a hand depicting string being wrapped around a ring finger

The third way is definitely the most involved but for custom rings, it's incredibly accurate. Use a piece of twine or string to wrap the chosen finger, and mark where the string overlaps. You'll then use a ruler to measure the length of the string. After that, you can just stop there and provide that information within the notes section of your order. I'll share your ring size with you upon getting your order. If you aren't ready to place an order just quite yet, you'll take that measurement and find your size on the chart below.


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