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Full Moon in Libra: Collective Reading for April

In April we've got a full moon in Libra, the zodiac sign symbolized by scales. Which feels incredibly appropriate as this month's reading is all about balance and renewal. 

The April spread is dominated by the archetype of the Magician with many of us seeking to manifest our goals and dreams. However before we can begin we need to get clear on what we're planting. The crossroads oracle card suggests there may be an air of confusion around which direction or path is best. This isn't one of those moments where we should explore every avenue available. We are being asked to be decisive, even if that means things take a bit longer to happen. Only when we've gotten clear then should we begin clearing space and planting our seeds.

Maybe you're currently experiencing anxiety waiting for signs of growth from seeds previously planted. Consider the state you were in when you laid those plans; was your mind clear, did the decision bring you relief? If the answer was no to either or both I implore you to spend some time exploring what it is you want and need. When we integrate the lessons from every aspect of our reality it'll become easier to see the clear picture. It's impossible to find balance when we ignore the uncomfortable or difficult aspects in life. We can't love and light our way out of mental fog.

We are reminded of this by the tarot energy for April - the Devil card. It may not be everyone's favorite card but I love when it shows up. It's a reminder that I am standing in my own way, the keys to leave are right there! Now I'm not saying that it's easy to remove yourself from difficult situations but the Devil card is a reminder that you possess all the tools to free yourself. 

The Devil Tarot card from the sun and moon tarot deck

Free yourself from any indecisiveness this month by meditating on what it is you truly want from this season. 


Gemstone Recommendations

If you resonate with the mental fog and lack of clarity surrounding decision making, I'm suggesting a Selenite and smokey quartz combination to help open your upper energy centers to advice and guidance from spirit. In order to integrate that information and use it in the material world, you'll need to ground yourself. Smokey Quartz is an excellent protection and grounding gemstone that will help balance the energy of Selenite. To learn more about Selenite check out my last blog post on accessing etheric realms. 

For those searching solely for balance and decisiveness I'm going to suggest Dendritic Quartz and Agate which I've written about extensively here. 



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