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Showcasing Rutile Quartz in the Solar Eclipse Collection

Within the spiritual community, eclipses are considered chaotic events. It's not always clear whether or not the energy of an eclipse should be harnessed. Eclipses result in a dance between...

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Unveiling the Unique Meaning of Bloodstone: A Treasure Beyond Time

In the realm of gemstones, where each piece tells a story, bloodstone emerges as a narrative rich with history, spirituality, and healing. Known also as heliotrope, bloodstone is not just...

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The Spiritual Meaning of Silver and How to Welcome Its Magic

Join me as I explore the spiritual meaning of silver, its uses, and what makes it such a powerful tool for magic, mindfulness, and meditation. Learn more.

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My passion is to craft pieces that invite you to slow down and savor every moment. In a world of fast and easy, I intend to keep Blavk Jewelry in a magical realm of purpose and meaning, where every single material is ethically sourced, and every human effort comes from a place of love.

Jewelry-making has never been just about aesthetics for me. It's all about energy, expression, and personal power. I'm fascinated by symbols and how they can influence our subconscious mind and the world around us. That's why I began creating jewelry that incorporates symbols and natural elements to help navigate our time on this earth.

After I handcraft each piece, it goes through a specific ritual that aligns with its intention. At Blavk Jewelry, you'll find pieces to help you channel love, protection, clarity, transformation, and much more.

Please — take a moment to explore my intention-charged, handmade jewelry collections.

With Care, Rebecca.