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Metals 101: Maintaining your Jewelry

All things require care, full stop. The degree of care may vary depending on a variety of factors but to get the most out of our items we need to care for them. Even pieces of jewelry made of solid gold require care, that care looks different for the steps you’d take to maintain sterling silver, bronze or brass jewelry.  Most metals are an alloy containing different types of metal. 18k gold is an alloy which in addition to 75% gold also contains copper and sterling silver. Where as bronze is an alloy comprised of copper and tin.   Many folks I speak with express concern when it comes to items made with brass and bronze, there’s real worry about the...

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Get to Know: Dendritic Crystals

Dendritic crystals and I are new friends, like we just became friendly earlier this year. The more time I spend with it the more my appreciation of this stone grows. Dendrite refers to the sea kelp or fractal shaped inclusions that are the result of iron, manganese, or hematite within the stone. There are two common types of Dendritic crystals both of which are technically quartz. Let me explain; dendritic agate is actually a type of quartz, more specifically its a variety of chalcedony which is identifiable by its milky or opaque appearance.     The second common dendritic crystal is dendritic quartz which is easily recognized by its transparent and iridescent background. Most dendritic specimens are found in Brazil, India and...

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