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Guide for Using Jewelry as Meditation and Mindfulness Tools in Your Daily Practice

Meditation is a wonderful practice that can help you enhance your well-being. However, finding the time and space to meditate can be challenging in our busy and noisy world.

Throughout the world, jewels have served as aids for meditation and prayer, carrying specific symbols and materials that hold cultural, spiritual, and traditional significance. However, in my experience, the true essence of jewelry emerges from one's usage and the intentions they infuse into it.

Today, I share a few ways you can use jewelry to boost your mindfulness practice and how to program it with different intentions.

Simple Ways to Use Jewelry for Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being present and aware of what’s happening right here, right now, without judging or reacting. And we know for a fact that a regular mindfulness practice can help you feel happier, more calm, and more connected. So why not incorporate it into your everyday life as much as possible?

Here are some simple ways you can use your jewelry to facilitate mindfulness meditation:

  • Pay attention to how your jewelry feels on your skin. Notice the weight, the texture, the temperature, and the movement of your jewelry.
  • Notice how your jewelry reflects the light. Observe the colors, the shapes, and the patterns of your jewelry. What does it remind you of?
  • Notice how your jewelry moves with your body. Feel the rhythm, the flow, and the energy of your jewelry. How does it influence your breath, your heart rate, or your emotions?

By following these simple practices, you can use your jewelry as a way to bring more awareness and appreciation to your everyday life. However, you can also use your jewelry to set, nurture, and manifest intentions.

Using Jewelry to Enhance Action & Change 

Whenever I need to sharpen my mind or tap into dominant energy, I reach for my fire agate jewelry. This gem enhances creativity, confidence, and courage. By wearing these pieces, I activate and balance my sacral energy center, which is where I find the strength to make decisions. This helps me to clear my mind, and connect with others more intentionally.

Using Jewelry to Power Discernment and Transformation

By choosing jewelry that represents your values, your goals, and your dreams, you can align yourself with your true purpose and vision. Wear a symbolic piece during your meditation, and use your jewelry as a reminder and a motivator to pursue your goals and dreams and to embrace the changes that come along the way.

Using Jewelry to Channel Love and Care

Choose symbolic jewelry that embodies the best version of you. Let your jewelry motivate you to make choices from a place of love for yourself and others. 

Using Jewelry to Manifest Abundance

You can use your jewelry as a way to express your gratitude and intention for abundance in your life. Just pick a piece with a gemstone like quartz that amplifies intentions.

Another way to cultivate a positive and abundant mindset is to be grateful. While meditating, admire the beauty and quality of your jewelry and feel thankful for the resources that came from the earth.

Using Jewelry to Protect Your Emotional Wellbeing

Lastly, but by no means least important, you can charge your jewelry with protective energy so that you can feel grounded and well-guarded. Pick a piece that has red or black color as these are associated with protection e or a stone that wards off negativity, such as bloodstone, black spinel, or black tourmaline.

All Blavk Jewelry comes charged and enchanted but feel free to charge your jewelry with affirmations and ask it to protect you from any harm or stress. This can help you cultivate a calm and confident emotional state and strengthen your boundaries.


I hope this blog post has inspired you to use jewelry as a tool for meditation and mindfulness. If you’re looking for pieces of jewelry to use in your spiritual practice, take a look at my mindfulness jewelry collections. You can shop by both category and intention. Plus, all my jewelry is made with fair trade and traceable materials and undergoes a corresponding ritual to its intention. 

Thank you for reading.

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