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New Moon in Taurus + May Collective Reading

"It's going to require us to sift through our minds before we open our mouth."

Oracle cards arranged in the shape of a cross on a dark wood background

Eclipse season has officially arrived with a solar eclipse on the New Moon in Taurus. Then not too far into the month (May 11th) we get the privilege of leaning into another Mercury Rx cycle. I'm by no means an astrologist but between the new moon and eclipse season beginning, May has the potential to trip up our communication with loved ones.

What will be really helpful for us this month is to consider what our personal truth is. Examine the beliefs you've been holding, do you they still ring true for you? Are they even your beliefs or were they passed down to you from close friends, family members and you've just attached to them by proxy? Take stock of what is yours and purge the rest. If you can't back it up or justify it or explain why then maybe it's time to drop that line of thinking. 

All of this is for our betterment - our personal truth is at the center of the reading - a new beginning (Genesis card) sits right above us and below us sits the Withdraw card which asks us to consider our beliefs and thinking. Another thing we should consider while we make ourselves ready for this new beginning to come, is what stories are we holding for others? Can we release those stories so we can make space for different pathways to form? Get rid of everything that is stopping us from making peace with ourselves. 

The tarot card for the month echos the message from the four fold oracle cards with the hanged man. Ask yourself "What is an old way of doing things that you can release?" The hanged man is typically an invitation to shift our perspective, an opportunity to look at things differently. So be flexible, malleable and discerning this month. 

Gemstone Recommendations 

Whenever I think of big shifts I immediately think about Pluto, linked to the underworld and upheaval. These energies bring change to our doorstep forcing us to consider other possibilities. For the initiated and practiced, Stibnite can be the perfect mineral to work with to bring on alternative perspectives being that it's associated with the planet Pluto. A word of caution though, this gemstone is a force and will take you on a ride if you're intentions aren't clear. 

For those not ready to work with Stibnite, I'd suggest Labradorite, both the one known for its iridescence and golden labradorite. The former for its etherial properties, helping us to see all dimensions, reality and possibilities. The latter to focus our clarity and gets shit done. Clarity will prove quite helpful as we decide what beliefs stay and go. 

If you'd like to commission a piece with any of these gemstone stones, my custom books are open. Learn more about the process by visiting this link.

There are also a few sigil pieces in the shop focused primarily on clarity. We've got the "Protect my Clarity" sigil available in pendant or ring form and the "All Statements lead to Clarity" sigil available as a signet ring. 

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