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Collective Pull: February 2022

We were asked to share our resources last month, to take care of each other and also search out the places clarity comes easiest. Which admittedly may have been difficult with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde. Thankfully we've made it to the other side. 

There's a dual nature to this months' offering. We're asked to continue sharing but instead of resources the focus is on our experiences and the knowledge our ancestors are sharing with us. We are also asked to take some time to process this information internally while also observing whats happening outside ourselves. To spend time in contemplation and stillness while also walking through a new portal. If anything the range of emotions, feelings and experiences will happen swiftly this month so it's up to us to find ways to remain present. To bear witness to the cycles happening. 

Above all else I think there's a vulnerable energy to this month. A question we can ask ourselves periodically is; how can I practice flexibility in my thought process and when it comes to tangible changes? 

Don't be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror, or really look at your surroundings. There's information there, vital information that will move us forward - when the time is right. 

If you are someone who tends an altar, show a little extra care to your ancestors,  spend more time speaking with them at this space you've created. There is so much love in taking the time to cultivate a relationship with ourselves, our ancestors and those around us who are open to being vulnerable too. 

Crystal Guidance + Suggestions

Lepidolite is one of my absolute favorite gemstones. Its uses are many and I always seem to find a way to carry it with me. This lilac colored gemstone is perfect for those in transition, gently ushering us towards change in the most soothing manner. I'm also feeling inclined to mention Icelandic Spar (also known as optical calcite) as well, most commonly used by the Vikings to navigate the seas. This mineral is most helpful with the clarity needed in the midst of transition. Let it act as the guiding force as lepidolite soothes us through change. 

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