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Collective Pull: January 2022

Last month spirit - or the universe - presented us with the gift of clarity, by asking us to take stock of the way we make decisions and what influences our choices. Hopefully many took time to consider those areas of our life or choices that were screaming for attention.  This month the need for clarity carries over along with the request for us to share information and resources with our community. What skills do you have that would benefit those nearest you, or those in need. What information have you been blessed with that you can teach others? January is asking us to not only share all we've come to know through life, ancestors and experience but to receive that information from others as...

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Collective Pull: 12/12 - 12/18/21

Throughout this month, many of the same messages keep appearing. From reminders about how thin the veil is (2.2 West) and reminders to stay open (0.4 Accept) This week we're asked to accept and lean into the receptive nature from many around us. To share what we've learned or are in the process of learning because we can access additional information from the spirit realm. The shift this week comes from moving on towards a new path way (0.4 Conclude) even the arrows in the center of the card spell out GO repeatedly.  We've learned to stay open, to accept the messages from spirit and earth and now we must move forward with this new information.  For additional context we looked...

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Collective Pull: December 2021

We have arrived at the last month of 2022. The time of year where we review what we've accomplished and what fell by the wayside. It's also when we compile our goals for the following year and promise ourselves we'll do/be better. I'd like to encourage everyone to not only focus on our tangible accomplishments but to also how it felt to move through this year. What beliefs no longer make sense? In what ways have we shifted as people?  This month gives us the gift of clarity, the unveiling of secrets and the opportunity to change our internal behaviors. It's asking us to take advantage of how thin the veil is and how easy it may be for our guides to communicate...

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