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Collective Pull: December 2021

We have arrived at the last month of 2022. The time of year where we review what we've accomplished and what fell by the wayside. It's also when we compile our goals for the following year and promise ourselves we'll do/be better.

I'd like to encourage everyone to not only focus on our tangible accomplishments but to also how it felt to move through this year. What beliefs no longer make sense? In what ways have we shifted as people? 

This month gives us the gift of clarity, the unveiling of secrets and the opportunity to change our internal behaviors. It's asking us to take advantage of how thin the veil is and how easy it may be for our guides to communicate with us. What are they saying? Or rather screaming for us to notice?

Now is the time to take stock of the way we live our lives, examine the reasons we make the choices we do. Doing so can lead to some beautiful a-ha moments, that'll inform what we do or don't carry over into the next month, year, decade. 

We're currently in Sagittarius season so taking action or moving impulsively may feel second nature. However I encourage everyone to slow down and fall into the sea of emotions that might have neglected first. Journaling, meditative walks or prayer (if that's your thing) will help us reach the clarity faster.

Crystals to Assist 

I'm suggesting Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst to aid us as our eyes open up. The blue kyanite, selenite and amethyst will help facilitate our connection with our guides and ancestors (make sure you're asking for help from your elevated ancestors only - not all of them wish us well). The amethyst will help with both clarity and opening our crown. The rose quartz is purely as a reminder to be loving to ourselves when uneasy things come up. On another note selenite is a self cleansing crystal and can be used to cleanse your other gemstones as well. When things are particularly rough I like to sleep with a piece of it under the pillow or next to the bed. 

Share your thoughts below, I'd love to hear them 

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