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New Moon in Pisces: Collective Pull for March

Some of us aren't letting go and it's holding us back. It's keeping us from find our footing. This month and especially during this new moon in Pisces find the ground underneath yourself so you'll always have an anchor home. What good is the knowledge and wisdom from spirit if it can't be applied during this lifetime? 

This is the month to pay attention to our dreams. What messages are they sharing with us? What ways can they help us to blossom and move forward? What warnings and urgings are we hearing that we've refused to acknowledge because we cannot let go?

Change can feel terrifying for some of us and the phrase "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't," is popping into my head but who says there has to be a devil waiting on the other side? The unknown only remains that way until we take the time to examine it. Sure we will never know everything but isn't trying something different better that continuing to do the same thing, forever doomed to repeat history.

What old programming are you holding onto that's keeping you from imagining a more radical future? Be sure to locate your ley line home during this Pisces season, you can't share what you've learned if you can't get home. 

Gemstone Recommendations

Since the message I'm hearing is asking up to remember our bodies but pay attention to our dreams both Selenite and Smokey Quartz are great gemstones to work with. Selenite to take you up into the astral plane and Smokey quartz for protection and anchor back to this dimension. 

Later this month I'll be releasing some Selenite pendants to assist you in your astral travel so check the website on March 15th to see the new pieces. I'll also share more on Selenite and Smokey quartz in an in depth post. 

May you be blessed with clarity and the ability to imagine and conjure new realities. 

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